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Invisible but Dangerous is a one woman show, written and performed by Iowa playwright, Janet Story Schlapkohl. The piece is described as:

"An irreverent look backwards at life and challenges and what it takes to become a Crone."

Janet Story Schlapkohl is a playwright, comedian, actress, director and professor. Commissions include: UI Labor Center, UI Iowa Women’s Archives, UI Human Rights Center, Center for Worker Justice, Theatre Masters, German’s in the Global Midwest Symposium, and the AFL-CIO.


Her work has been performed in LA, Colorado, New York, Tennessee, and across Iowa.  She performs solo shows, and entertains at corporate events. Her play My Sister was featured in the LA Times, the Huffington post, and the Israeli Times. In 2002 She founded Combined Efforts Theatre, a non-profit organization purposefully inclusive of actors with physical and mental challenges. www.combinedefforts.org  

She founded a summer camp for children using theatrical principals, and nature.


She currently is an adjunct professor  at the University of Iowa.